Widex is a family owned company and have been creating and improving hearing technologies since 1956. They created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and remain on the forefront of hearing aid technology today.

Widex Hearing Aid Models

Widex hearing aids go beyond sounding spectacular; they look spectacular, too. They are designed to combine technology with functionality and aesthetics. Every Widex hearing aid is crafted to work, perform and sound as close to perfect as possible.

Widex MOMENT™ – This Sound Changes Everything

Widex MOMENT™ delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. Utilizing ZeroDelay™ technology, this device is able to deliver sound directly to the eardrum faster than ever before, getting rid of distortion and metallic effects common with other models.

The WIDEX MOMENT™ is designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage through advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering.

Hands Off Hearing with EVOKE™

Widex EVOKE™ is the world’s first hearing aid that evolves in real life to intuitively shape your listening experience. EVOKE™ provides a new level of personalization to help you hear in the moment by automatically making adjustments suited to your needs and your environment.

Widex BEYOND™ – Make Connections

Widex BEYOND™ is the best sounding made-for-iPhone® (MFi) hearing aid available. The TRI-LINK™ technology offers more than one way to connect, enabling users to sync and wirelessly stream from telecoils, televisions and more. The easy to use BEYOND™ APP allows you to:

  • Adjust the volume on two hearing aids individually
  • Choose between comfort and speech clarity
  • Select the microphone directionality of each hearing aid

Rechargeable Technology

The WIDEX MOMENT™  is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid in existence—all the power, none of the bulk.

Widex CUSTOM™ – A Fit Like No Other

Widex CUSTOM™ is a discreet in-the-ear hearing aid that provides superior sound. The device is custom-made with advanced laser technology to perfectly fit in your ear.

Optimal Sound, No Adjustments Required

With the widest sound window of any hearing aid, the Widex CUSTOM™ automatically adapts to your surroundings. Experience natural sound even on the move. The Widex CUSTOM™ is ideal for bikers, runners, riders, and active lifestyles of every stripe.

A Hearing Aid That Learns How You Listen

Widex SoundSense Technology is the brain behind the beauty of EVOKE™. It learns how you listen, and maps the environment you’re in. SoundSense intelligently adapts to new environments, so you’ll enjoy the experience without the strain.

Using a fluid sound analyzer, the EVOKE™ automatically adjusts how you hear to provide you with optimal audio in any setting. From a noisy diner to a city street, a walk in the park to a quiet evening in, hear every detail from the very first listen.

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